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  1. Zorua

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    Hey guys. I'm trying to run DAII on kmeaw using multiMAN. I've replaced the PARAM.SFO with the one provided with the patch and also installed the package provided with the patch. I've also tried fixing the eboot with the eboot fix provided with multiMAN. When I try to run it, it exits to the XMB, then I select 'app_home/PS3_GAME/', it shows a brief black screen and then goes back to the XMB again. Other games work fine though. I've tested MvC3 and Killzone 3 and they worked without any problems. I know that this requires 3.56 but since I've already done pretty much what could be done to patch it, I'm out of ideas to make this run. Any help will be greatly apperciated.

    EDIT: I tried running it with a disc in the drive and it worked! Mods, please lock.
  2. Vulpes Abnocto

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Closed by request.

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