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  1. Xpresive

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    Jan 29, 2018
    I've conected switch to a wifi that has pretty good speed, 20mbps, not the best but downloading such a small files that long is just questioning where it is downloading them from, zimbabwe? How can you even download games like "Fortnite" that is 16gb from online? Any fixes to make it download a lot faster? USB C to Lan dongle? FW 9.0.1 .
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    Using an Ethernet adapter might help; the Switch also downloads faster when it's in sleep mode. If you're downloading to Micro SD, a faster micro SD card may help as well up to a certain point, Nintendo recommends up to 95 MB/sec.
    Otherwise what you're experiencing is mostly normal for Nintendo standards. They've always been slower.
  3. Agilato

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    Jun 21, 2019
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    I had this issue couple of times especially after new version came out, that was nintendo servers fault.... after waiting a day it speed up big time...
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