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    I have a quick question - I recently purchased Naruto Ninja Storm 4 which came with a pre-order bonus code for DLC. My question is, is there any way to get this dlc content without connecting the PS4 to the Internet? Perhaps download it from a computer and transfer it to the system via USB? I'm trying to avoid connecting the PS4 to the Internet to keep the firmware low for whenever a potential exploit is found.

    Thank you!

    Edit: Okay another thing...the disk is saying I must update to firmware 3.11 in order to play the game (I'm currently on 2.51) is there any way around this? or am I forced to update to play the game
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    I forgot
    To be frank, if you're already on 2.5 you've missed your most likely chance of any early firmware exploit already. Most of the major exploits that we currently know of and have found were patched in 2.0, at this point you might as well update to play games you own.

    To answer both your questions, there's no way around the on-disc updates, nor is there a way to transfer DLC from any other device.