Downgrading From 10.3.28U after Seeing the Dreaded Update Nag

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    Feb 26, 2016
    I've got a 3ds (first 6 months of NA distribution, so O3ds) running firmware version 10.3.0-28U. I wanted to downgrade to 9.2.

    I've installed on my sd card
    • starter kit
    • sysupdater
    • 9.2.0-20U(Full)
    • menuhax 2.2
    For a while, it seemed I'd triggered the browser lock; I got the update nag message until I used (tubehax?) DNS of and in the wifi settings menu. Then I had a second nagging message; 'the browser cannot be used at this time'. This continued until I initialized save data in the browser's settings, launched the browser to set it up for the first time, and then loaded the hack using the QR code. I was much too slow to type the address, but the QR code worked. You only have a second or two to type in the address before the system blocks urls (if it saw the update nag), but a QR code types the address instantly.

    It loaded the homebrew page. I then installed menuhax manager (first I had to open the theme store on the 3ds home menu). I rebooted while holding L, allowing menuhax to load the homebrew page. I installed sysupdater, and pressed downgrade. After a few minutes, the system rebooted. I successfully managed to downgrade.

    While this guide may not be necessary, I noticed a lot of threads here, on reddit, and other sites that said you would be permanently unable to exploit the browser if you saw the update nag message, even once.

    Consider this a guide and evidence that such a statement is untrue. Once downgraded, you don't need to worry about having exploits patched!
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    There are more than one kind of update nag. One is a message received on bootup informing you of a preloaded update that's ready to install. This was already known to be skippable by entering recovery mode and rejecting the predownloaded update. The other update nag refers to the message that the internet browser gives you when you attempt to use it on a firmware below the most recent system update. The method on how to skip that nag was disclosed yesterday.
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