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Apr 5, 2007
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Source: (translated from French):

QUOTE said:
For the moment, there is no homebrew using the Wiimote, but you can still play homebrews Gamecube.

But the Gamecube homebrews are often proposed. Dol.
Do not worry, Doltool3 is there for you, allowing you to convert your file in fraud. Elf, and thus able to read it with the fault Twilight Hack.

So start by downloading Doltool3: (via Comments)

Extract the contents on your hard drive.

Next, run the command prompt: click Start> all programs> accessories> command prompt.

Browse on file with the command:

Cd .. To return to the previous folder.
Example: if you are in C: \ Users \ Hadrien28 and you write cd .. You will be in the file C: \ Users.

Type the command: cd "foldername" to return to a folder.

Example: you are in C: \ Users \ Hadrien28 and you have a case where you have Wii retrieved doltool3.rar. Write Wii cd and then you are now in the file C: \ Users \ Hadrien28 \ Wii.

You have to navigate through your files until you are in the directory where you extracted the contents of doltool3.rar earlier

Write now: doltool.exe-e snowlords.dol

Corresponds to the snowlords.dol. Fraud that you want to convert. Elf.

Now click Enter.

Now you can play your. Elf fault with the game Zelda.
Attention all. Fraud will not work with this flaw.
Do not be surprised if this does not work, like emulators.
We therefore hope that a new version will be coming in the days ahead.

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