Gaming does this wifi card work for model 1001?


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May 11, 2008
new hampshire
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um what?

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  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    additive world?
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    so yea i believe the routes point to the cancelled n64dd port of Unreal and whatever deal was left out of that, it was developed by the lemmings guy, DMA, well more like the branch that also developed hired guns(the cancelled ue remake), they got renamed to devils thumb iirc?
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK: in the world is additive..its all void and you have to place something in it to start..where subtractive world is filled with mass, with one giant "cube" that is a mass and you have to cut something out of it
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    that's how making levels for unreal work typically...but until version 0.84 it was additive by default
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    its still all constructive geometry though
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    but yea..a lot of people have misconception how it really works with Unreal, they thought it was only subtractive but its not and the fan 227 patch shows that and allows you to choose between the two modes by making "new" map or "new additive" map
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    it just does some magic with the bytes and makes it a void by default in one case where you have to add objects into literal void space and subtractive where you cut out shapes as everything is filled up by one giant cube in practice
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    so the subtractive model is actually a lie, the true default is additive
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    "haha, its a live in a tunnel? NO! "
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    sorry had to think of the Malkavian Mod for Deus Ex with that talking cat that breathes fire
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
  • T @ TheMines:
    @BigOnYa would updating my CFW change any files stored on the switch besides in the /switch directory?
  • T @ TheMines:
    Sorry if what im saying doesn't make sense im kind of a beginner to this
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    *yawn #4*
  • AncientBoi @ AncientBoi:
    *fart #2*
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    guys stop it, don't need to remind me I already had one today
  • AncientBoi @ AncientBoi:
    of which? The fart, the yawn or the 💩 s
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    the poop
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    i guess
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    diarrhoea yes
    AncientBoi @ AncientBoi: lol