Does anyone remember having Giga Pets?

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    Giga pets were these virtual pet game.... toy.... things that the infamous TIGER ELECTRONICS used to make and sell that had all sorts of licensed characters as well as uncommon that was like over 20 years ago in America (1997). I had one it was blue and i think was a alien. My mom found her old one, is purple and dead, as in the thing don't work anymore. At the time it was a trending fad, much like POGS. But then tiger made new toys, like FURBY, and also other stuff came and try to do better like Tamagatchi and such. But if you have any stories about owning them you can share them here. :)

    Honestly there was a time people was obsessed with these things just as much as the other tiger hand held games, while wasn't much of a game compared to the ones we play on tv at the time, it was what some people had. :P