Do I still need WUP Installer GX2?

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    I'm currently going through the process of modding my WiiU as I'm typing this (using the Haxchi method). Do I need WUP Installer GX2, or Wii U USB Helper, if I don't plan to play unsigned WiiU games?

    What I'd like to be able to do is view, and access, vWii on the WiiU tablet. Or even bypass vWii altogether and do all of the vWii things directly from the WiiU. Have access to Nintendont, emulators, neek, etc...

    In the future I might want to be able to play WiiU ISO's off of a Harddrive, but I have the physical discs of the games I want. I'd do it just for the convenience of being able to play them off the harddrive. Is there any way to rip my disc's directly to a WiiU formatted HDD, the way CleanRip used to do it on the Wii?
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    No. Just use a wii remote as well.
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