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    So I just got my PS2 up and running with FMCB and I love it like it were my wife. (I hope she doesn't read this thread xD) Anywho, I want to buy a DMS4 EZI Pro solderless mod so I can run my PSOne back ups as well, thing is I hear alot from some friends of mine that solderless mod chips are crap. Is this true or does the DMS4 EZI slap that statement in the face? Just wondering cause my wife and I want to pitch in for this and I don't want to get screwed. Thanks in advance everyone!

    Also, which website should I buy it from? Cause I'm currently eyeing and Are they reliable? Or is there another website that is more trusted?
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    I wouldnt say it crap, maybe in the eyes of people who soldered their chips
    it does everything the exact same even more then molst mod chips since it can boot ToxicOS as the default OS

    the updates and bios updates have stopped though as with pretty much every modchip

    the only problem is it has to be mounted right as it might break if you try to move it or remove it to put on another ps2 / sell it
    once its on you should just leave it alone, the installation is pretty straight forward and easy, nothing too hard

    Ive been wanting to get one my self but ever since FMCB came out and ESR, I just dont see a point
    I used to use uLanchElf (with ps1 activation disc) and COGSWAP
    I also have HD Loader