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    Probably region locked PAL only, US regions did get a copy of the original Divinity 2 though.

    This is something of a game of the year edition for Divinity 2 with the bundled DLC (not sure if it is install or on disc)- this despite the new content being released with this.
    Last year we had something of a 360 RPG flood (no bad thing) but as this appeared alongside similarly titled Dragon Age Origins and despite being of some pedigree it fell flat compared to it (the 360 version suffered especially). This version though is apparently the director's cut/remastered version (several European RPGs before it have had similar treatment in the past) as well as the addon so if you are need of a fantasy western RPG (looking at release schedules there is nothing other than two worlds 2 for several months) do check it out.

    I played the original a little while back and if indeed this had been polished it could be a very good title.


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