1. Kostilaks

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    Jul 5, 2017
    its me! do you remember me! i was looking for a hidden easteregg in an snes game 3 years ago.

    it shows a big dessert with skeletons. i am greek but the show was not greek because Greece does not produce cartoons. it looked old cartoon probably before 1980. it was really macabre as the song was talking about people suffering because they were hot and thirsty. I asked my parents about it but didn't remember from what show that part was recorded. the animation was a typical good handpainted animation. very detailed and somehow depressing! but what made the whole thing freaky was the music and the lyrics. the music was slow and somehow a little happy music but the lyrics were so macabre. i remember them really well as they haunt me til today. i don't know if this will help cause when a foreign song is dubbed in greek, the lyrics are changed to fit the greek language. anyway, the song goes like this:

    The burning sun will melt the bones of these poor happy person (at that part the cartoon shows the dead body of a man that died of thirst)

    Their bodies are being tortured and "baked" as the dessert and the nature are laughing (more dead bodies)

    If you are good and you have good purpose you can survive the sun even in a field without flowers (at that part the sun leaves and the moon comes. it is night and some still alive people are even suffering in night)

    If you are evil you are going to sing and tortured by the heat. ( a suffering dog looking for water).

    at that part the vhs tape shows other cartoon because my parents deleted the rest of it by taping other stuff.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    United Kingdom
    Do you still have the tape?
    Even a few photographs of it on the TV with it on might see someone able to guess the animation studio/animators and timeframe to narrow it down.

    I am a fan of macabre cartoons but that one does not ring a bell, that said there is plenty left for me to explore there.
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