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    When I was younger I played a PC game called "Escape from dinosaur island" it was a point and click adventure game where you had to make your way to the boat dock and escape without being killed. I played it during the years 1998-2000 I would have been anywhere from 8-10yrs olds. I have found the game recently online and happened to download it again since the "shareware" disc I own is so scratched up I can't install the game from it anymore and had to go searching for it.

    I mainly just want to know has anyone else every played this game and beat it. it seems the developers abandond this game and it never got a proper release. I'm just curious as to whether or not it's "beatable" am I the only person who has tried / remember this game. I can get so far up to the T-rex and the park ranger but then I'm stuck as I die from falling off the cliff or the t-rex eats me. (it's like you get so far and the game won't let you get further unless I'm missing an item before I progress past the un returnable point???)

    it's not a big deal if I don't get any replies but my father and I have some nostalgia from playing it and would like to beat it if possible.

    if you'd like to give it a try if you haven't already played it in the past like I'm asking... then google "sea side studio ESCAPE.ZIP" I'm sure you'll get lucky. I'm not sure if I'm able to share the link. "but being shareware" I would think I could but I want to be on the safe side and not get reported.

    Developer: Sea Side Studios
    Game: Demo/Shareware
    Console: PC Windows 2000/ME


    thanks for any feedback :)
  2. TylerHartman

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    I also have played this. Never beaten it though. I'm interested to see more info about this. Any website on the floppy?
  3. hilwo

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    Jun 10, 2018
    I remember this game, I also used to play it in the late 90's. It does indeed have an ending, you came very close. Don't think I figured it out myself back then, though - pretty sure I used a walkthrough. I could post what I think is the solution to the area with the T-Rex and the ranger, but I'm not sure you'd consider it a spoiler? Also, I can't play it anymore, so I can't confirm it. Going to try it on Win 3.11 right now :)

    Edit: Replayed it with Windows 3.1 in DOSBox, still knew most of the game. I can type out the solution here if you'd like, or just the part you need?

    Edit 2 (walkthroughs added):

    Short walkthrough:
    - Head NORTH
    - Head EAST
    - Examine car, operate glove compartment and take nail file
    - Take hamburger from frying pan and matches next to it
    - Head WEST, SOUTH
    - Take T-Rex Patunia flower (12th one from the left, between 2nd and 3rd window)
    - Head WEST, NORTH, WEST
    - Operate computer, enter #25567ef to disable perimeter fencing
    - Operate nail file on locked drawer, take blowtorch
    - Use matches on blowtorch, use blowtorch on fence
    - Operate burger on ranger
    - HEAD EAST, and back WEST
    - Operate ranger hat, take key
    - Operate key on door to maintenance tunnel
    - NORTH

    More extensive walkthrough:
    At the gate, head NORTH. Note the series number #25567ef on the sign of the electric fence, you'll need to enter this at a computer later. Head EAST and examine the car. Open the glove compartment and take the nail file. Operate the radio to get a clue for an item needed for the T-Rex.

    Head NORTH and enter the restaurant. Go EAST and take the burger from the frying pan and the matches on its right. Don't touch the pot with the boiling liquid on the left. Examine the recipe on the wall to get another clue, something about "twelve from the right". Might be an error. Exit the restaurant, and take the flower that's between the 2nd and 3rd windows (12th one from the left). In-game, this flower is called the T-Rex Patunia.

    Head WEST to arrive at the Park Center. Once inside, head WEST and operate the computer. Enter #25567ef to disable the perimeter fencing. Use the nail file on the locked drawer and take the blowtorch. Exit the Park Center.

    Head SOUTH, to the electric fence. Light the blowtorch using the matches and use it on the fence to create an opening. Head through to arrive at the T-Rex. Ignore it for now, and head WEST to find a ranger. Examine him to learn that he's hungry. Give him the burger from the restaurant. DO NOT go NORTH from here, you'll fall off a cliff and die. Go EAST to find that the T-Rex is gone. * Go back WEST to learn that the T-Rex has taken the out to lunch, all that is left is his hat. Operate it to reveal a key. Take the key and head back EAST. Now go NORTH and unlock the door to the maintenance tunnel. Head through to arrive at a boat and end the game.

    * T-Rex would have killed you here if you would not have the flower.
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