Homebrew Question Differences in developing Homebrew for the Switch and 3DS - Beginner Level


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Aug 17, 2019
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Hi all,
Long time GBATemp lurker.

My Question:
How does homebrew development differ between the Switch and 3DS at a basic introductory level?

At least for the time-being, I am mostly interested in doing a few, very simple things that will help me to understand a little about how these platforms work. My experience with programming consists of a "hangman"-level familiarity with Python.

I am wondering where to start; in some ways the answer to this question is obvious as I own a Switch (Atmosphere-Kosmos) and do not own a 3DS. However, my friend whose 3DS I helped hack is an experienced programmer interested in Homebrew and we will likely be fiddling both platforms. I will probably try to learn the absolute basics for both.

Additional Questions:
Which platforms do those of you with homebrew dev experience believe to be "easier?"
Lacking my own 3DS, can I still learn a few things about it on my own using an emulator?
What resources would you recommend I make use of?

Current Resources:


[Tutorial] Switch Homebrew development - GBATemp
gbatemp [dot] net/threads/tutorial-switch-homebrew-development.507284/
switchbrew [dot] org

3DS Homebrew Development - GBATemp Wiki
gbatemp [dot] net/wiki/3DS_Homebrew_Development
wiki [dot] gbatemp [dot] net/wiki/3DS_Homebrew_Development


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