DeSmuME Request+Question

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    Hi there

    The DeSmuME is the best emulator so far. SO ive download it. Im using the DeSmuME for Pokemon Wifi battles.
    But theres 1 problem. I always use AVI record but the Emulator slows down alot. SO i was searching on google
    and found ´that the emulator speed increase if you only record (at AVI record) the top screen.
    So but DeSmuME only records both screens. SO i continued my search how to record the top screen only
    and i found a thread where it says that ive to edit the source code.

    But theres the Problem now. Im not a programmer so im here to ask 1 of you (example: Kazowar) can edit the source code for
    me so that DeSmuME only records the Top screen (so it on Kazowar video "How to record wifi battles" that he only record the top screen)

    ive read that this have to be changed on the aviout.cpp

    for(int y=0;y