RELEASE Deltarune 60FPS Hack (Switch port)

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    The Switch port for a Deltarune mod I created, Deltarune 60FPS Hack, is now available!
    The game is running at 60FPS almost perfectly locked from start to finish with occasional minor frameskipping using the lowest clock speeds in sys-clk, which are:
    CPU: 612MHz
    GPU: 76MHz
    Memory: 665MHz

    Underclocking should be okay with this mod, since again the framerate is almost completely locked aside from occasional frameskipping, and is actually recommended to potentially greatly save on battery life.
    Assuming you are using these same clocks while docked, you might need to raise either CPU or GPU speed a bit to ensure a locked 60FPS.

    Download Link:
    Install instructions (Atmosphere only, may or may not be correct for other CFWs):
    Extract the folder inside the .zip file (It should be named "010023800D64A000"), and navigate to the 'atmosphere' folder at the root of your MicroSD card, then navigate to the 'titles' folder.
    This is where you will move the "010023800D64A000" folder to. After that, the mod should be fully functional!

    Feedback will be much appreciated. :)
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