'Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop' Has No Jumping...?

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by War, Jan 20, 2009.

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    "More and more, it seems like Dead Rising for the Wii is not a harmonious port, adjusted to a new engine to improve the controls and to allow a new set of fans to enjoy the experience of knocking zombies down with bowling balls. Instead, it looks like Dead Rising is being pushed into the Resident Evil 4 engine with few to no adjustments to suit Dead Rising itself, even if they would make sense for the gameplay. According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Frank can no longer jump -- though we don't know if that includes attacks that require jumping. Does that mean weapons and items on certain ledges and overhangs will no longer be there, or will we have a special "action" button? Less tolerable still might be the changes to the items and melee weapons. Despite the Wii port's focus on the fun of poking zombies in the eye with broom handles and the like, with Chop 'Til You Drop, you can only carry one melee weapon at a time ... and the game will have fewer items overall.

    That means most of your serious weaponry will be given over to guns. But it opens up a lot of questions, such as: what counts as a melee weapon under this system? Can you only carry (the horror) one small chainsaw at a time? Does that mean you'll automatically drop that chainsaw if you pick up one of the big table umbrellas to knock aside a bunch of zombies? And how, exactly, does that increase the fun factor of the game? Guns were great in certain instances in the original, but even an increased emphasis on shooting (and better controls for it) can't possibly compare to whipping through a crowd with Adam's chainsaws. The combination of chainsaws and zombies might well make up this blogger's vision of the perfect afterlife.

    Some of us are trying to stay positive, because any Dead Rising should be (or at least, could be) fun, but Capcom, you're not making it easy. Perhaps, once played, all fears and worries will be assuaged, but at this point, we're looking at a totally different game ... and not sure it sounds all that fantastic."

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    lol it sounds worse with each month passing. Also I'm pretty sure that in all of the screens and videos I've seen, that not only does it look worse than the GC port of RE4 but also it doesn't feature as many enemies on screen.

    I know its all about gameplay but with the lack of camera the emphasis is on zombie battering and well there ain't that many there to warrant it much fun.

    Still we'll wait and see if Capcom have got the goods, its pretty rare that they let people down with their series but of course not unheard of.
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    This doesn't sound good... I was really looking forward to this.
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    We've known this pretty much as long as we've known it was using the RE4 engine. But, if I recall, some special moves that involve jumping will have different methods of activation, unless I'm mistaking that with conjecture I saw some months ago.
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    It really sounds like they've gimped everything fun about the original [​IMG] good thing I own the 360 version.