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Mega Man Maker is a fan game where you can create your own levels and share them with others.
Mega Man Maker Version fixes critical issues regarding online rooms and keys in 1.7.1, as well as more minor bugs.

Version (18/1/2021)
Fixed Bugs
-You cannot use the Server Lobby feature in online building.
-Keys are reset after the player dies or restarts from checkpoint.
-Fuse Crawler doesn't bounce correctly on a Bouncy Ball on the ceiling in a certain pattern.
-Fire Wall Modifier options have unused arrows.
-Super Arm blocks and fragments do not crack or break Ice Blocks.
-Centaur Flash can make you permanently invincible.
-Soccer Ball Jet can't be hit by a Punch Block after flying once.
-A crash can occur if you return to editor at the same moment Mega Man dies with Fuse Rail on your level.
-When time is stopped, Splash Woman doesn't freeze completely if set to weakness.
-When falling on the corner of a Conveyor Belt, it pushes you to the edge.
-Push Block pushed by another moving platform can clip inside another Push Block.
-Battan can get stuck in ladders and Jumpthrough Platforms while jumping.
-Enemies and bosses can fall off moving platforms going up and down.
-Enemies and bosses fall of Crash Lifts moving horizontally.

Version 1.7.1 (17/1/2021)
-Increased the level upload limit from 30 to 50.
-You can now continue offline after creating an account, temporarily bypassing the activation email.
-Fuse Laser Crawlers can now jump from a Spring or a Bouncy Ball.
-Fuse Laser Crawlers are now pushed down by a Bouncy Ball when moving on a ceiling.
-Fuse Rail now electrifies Spring Man when he is in contact with it.
-Changed Fire Wall Modifier's icon.
-Changed Fire Wave Spawner's icon.
-Super Arm now defuses Blast Man's bombs on contact.
-The eyedropper tool now copies the 'Weapon' attribute from Weapon Blocks and Barriers.

Fixed Bugs
-Various bosses and enemies have issues with Jumpthrough Platforms and ladders.
-Fuse Crawlers may fall when reaching corners.
-When a ladder is above a Jumpthrough Platform, you can climb downward through the platform.
-When shooting Freeze Cracker while being between two walls with one tile of space, the projectile is teleported outside of the wall.
-Fuse Crawlers may crash the game when the player enters a section.
-Splash Woman's fish drop pick-ups.
-Splash Woman's fish are invulnerable after being frozen.
-While Splash Woman is at the top of water, she may sometimes move away from the player rather than targeting them.
-While Splash Woman is on land, if you stand right under her, she will turn around rapidly.
-Crash Man does not jump when Roll's charged broom is released.
-Splash Woman falling on Jumpthrough Platforms and ladders sometimes plays the falling animation twice.
-10 out-of-water Splash Women singing at the same time may crash the game.
-Super Arm blocks and fragments can kill Flame Pillars, Elec Beams and Fire Beams.
-When moving a Fuse Laser Exit, it sometimes resets its angle.
-When spawning, Fuse Laser can damage you from the opposite direction it spawns.
-When ending a Dodge Roll while Centaur Flash is active, its invincibility ends prematurely.
-Punching a Soccer Ball with the Power Adapter can lead to a crash.
-Bunby Catcher can get you stuck against a wall.
-Bunby Catcher can make you clip into a wall.
-BushBacon's example levels have inconsistent profile icons.
-Super Arm's description has a grammatical mistake.
-On/Off Switch Timer does not count down properly during Time Slow.
-Yamato Spear does not have a description.
-Push Blocks and Soccer Balls that are next to each other can kill you if you stand between them while they move up.
-Hologran causes a crash if the player is dead when it activates.
-The disclaimer shows 2020 for Capcom's copyright year.
-If a Jumpthrough Platform is placed two tiles above a ladder, and you climb to the top of the ladder, you teleport on top of the Jumpthrough Platform.
-Rolling into Oil Slider with Dodge Roll makes you permanently invulnerable.
-Rolling into a Teleporter with Dodge Roll lets you keep your gray outline.
-Super Arm blocks break ?-Tanks when held by the player.
-Super Arm blocks kill Astro Man's projectiles, causing a crash.
-Atomic Chicken can clip out of small 2-tile wide areas.
-If Brown falls into a pit, he respawns instantly.
-While bouncing on Bouncy Balls, Brown can crash the game during a screen transition.
-Super Arm destroys indestructible projectiles.
-Using Mirror Buster from Command Selection causes the slide to lock up after you use it.
-As Roll with Dodge Roll enabled, sliding with Mirror Buster makes you invulnerable.
-Scworm can be hit by Mega Buster projectiles at ground level.
-Fork Block doesn't reset its pattern properly when respawning.
-Spike Platform doesn't reset its pattern properly when switching sections.
-Soccer Ball Jet absorbs certain piercing projectiles.
-Scrolling through the music list on the same frame as switching to a different tab (game) may crash the game on certain tabs.
-If you continuously perform short hops on a Cossack Platform, it may rise while standing on it.
-When dying while uploading a level, one may briefly get a 400 error message.
-Bass does not play his Thunder Claw swinging animation correctly.
-Crystal Switches that are placed slightly outside the section may still count down.
-Spark Shock's description mentions an incorrect amount of projectiles that can be on-screen at a time.
-Moving platforms can clip you on top of them when colliding with them on the sides.
-When Battan is pushed by a Rolling Drill and the player is pushed by Battan against a wall, it doesn't kill the player.
-Soccer Ball Jet can't lift Super Arm blocks created by the player.
-Steam can appear on Super Arm blocks created by the player if placed in the air.
-One may very occasionally receive a 'The host has banned you from the room' message upon dying on an online level.
-Push Block, Battan and Soccer Ball Jet can clip the player into a wall when pushed by another moving platform.
-Stacking multiple Soccer Ball Jets and making them go off-screen can crash the game.
-You can stand on Spike Platforms when the spikes are on the top after turning them around from the sides.
-Electric Gabyoall does not spawn if placed in a section the player doesn't start in.
-Destroyed Fuse Crossers and Xtenders can still block Fuse Lasers.
-Splash Woman doesn't stop moving horizontally when getting out of water while attacking with her trident
-The descriptions for Key and Key Door display the wrong maximum number of keys you can hold.
-When on/off ladders are turned active, you zip to the top of the on/off ladder.

Version 1.7.0 (10/1/2021)

New Features
-Roll makes her debut as a playable character!
- She can use her trusty Broom to attack and perform combos.
- She has the optional abilities to perform an invincible dodge roll and charge her broom attacks.
- Her animal friends Tango and Beat replace Rush Coil and Jet, respectively, and come with their own unique behavior.
-The much demanded Music Changer has been added, allowing you to change the level music mid-way through the level. You can do this using a stand-alone object or after a boss is defeated.
-The server code has been rewritten. This brings with it the following new features for the online mode:
- Level upload limit changed from 20 to 30
- Significantly faster load times in the online menu
- More level list sorting options
- Improved level searching functionality (read more here:
- Scores are now split into upvotes and downvotes
- The ability to report levels
- The ability to reset your password. Please note that you need to register your email for this to work
- Improved randomness for Wily Challenge
- New options for Wily Challenge: customizable amount of lives and minimum level quality
- Difficulty tracking for levels; this will later be utilized for Wily Challenge
-New bosses:
- Fire Man
- Quick Man
- Yamato Man
- Freeze Man
- Splash Woman
- Strike Man
-New enemies:
- Telly Spawner (non-solid)
- Pipi
- Pipi Spawner
- Mole
- Mole Spawner
- Lantern Fish
- Scworm
- Atomic Chicken
- Atomic Chicken Spawner
- Sniper Armor
- Nitron
- Elec'n
- Bomb Flier
- Hologran
- Giant Springer
- Electric Gabyoall
- Ladder Press
- Helipon
- Ring Ring
- Battan
- Sea Mine
- Sea Mine Spawner
- Ratton
- Sumatran
- Bombier
- Jet Bomb
- Cocco
- V
- Hotchkiss'n
- Molier
- Submarine Flier
- Propeller Eye
- Skull Walker
- Brown
- Bunby Catcher
- Searchy Spawner
- Returning Machine Gun Joe
- Neo Heli Metall
- Molmole
- Molmole Spawner
-New weapons:
- Super Arm
- Bubble Lead
- Time Stopper
- Spark Shock
- Dust Crusher
- Gyro Attack
- Napalm Bomb
- Centaur Flash
- Yamato Spear
- Freeze Cracker
- Triple Blade
- Solar Blaze
- Command Selection
-New gimmicks:
- Super Arm Block
- Fire Wave Spawners (solids and edges)
- Fire Wave Relocator
- Fire Wave Shaft
- On/Off Switch
- On/Off Switch Timer
- On/Off Block
- On/Off Spike
- On/Off Ladder
- Acid Drop
- Needle Press
- Top Lift
- Top Lift Spawner
- Fork Block
- Steam
- Plantform
- Spike Platform
- Ice Wall
- Splash Woman Platform
- Concrete Lift
- Hornet Roll
- Jumpthrough Platform
- Soccer Ball Jet
- Fire Wall Modifier
- Bouncy Ball
- Fuse Rail
- Fuse Crawler Spawner + Exit
- Fuse Crosser
- Fuse Xtender
-New pickups:
- ?-Tank
-Added many backgrounds, tiles, ladders, spikes and water from Mega Man 1-11, as well as from Mega Man Powered Up.
-Added 8-bit renditions of the soundtrack from Mega Man: The Wily Wars.
-Added the following music: Mega Man 2 Wily 6, Robot Museum (Mega Man 7) and Kaze Yo Tsutaete (Roll's theme).
-Added the following boss music: Robot Master (Powered Up), Robot Master (Wily Wars), Wily Boss (Powered Up), Wily Machine (Powered Up), Bass (Mega Man 7) and Cut Man (Mega Man 8).
-Added new profile icons based on Roll's costumes from Mega Man Powered Up.
-You can now record GIFs in-game by pressing F7. You can stop recording by pressing F7 as well. GIFs are saved in %localappdata%/MegaMaker/GIFs and cannot exceed one minute in length.
-Keys and Key Doors can now take one of four colors. Unlocking a colored Key Door now requires one or more keys of that specific color.
-When playing a level online, the pause menu now shows its level ID.
-Push Block now comes in various colors.
-You can now put Petit Snakey on ceilings.
-You can now set Chill Blocks as damaged on spawn as an option.
-You can now set Oil in the fire state as an option.
-You can now change the speed of the Spinning Wheel.
-You can now set Electro Guard to face both directions.
-You can now set Searchy to use On/Off variants.
-You can now set Rain to use the Mega Man 4 Rain visual.
-Added new Game Over quotes to Wily Challenge.
-New example levels: Mecha Cavern Canyon by Mad Man, Wall Kicks Will Work and Blast from the Past by BushBacon, SkullSteam Factory, Scorchthaw Summit and Wily Airlines - Disaster Transport by Objectionable and Better Together by Objectionable, Meka, BigMaster and Mad Man.

-You can now hold 99 keys of one color at once, as opposed to 7.
-Keys are now shown on the top right of the screen instead of next to the health bar.
-The Eyedropper tool (activated by holding Alt) now copies the properties of the selected asset. To use the old behavior, hold Shift while copying the asset.
-Giree spawners now alert you before spawning the Giree with a little light effect.
-You can now skip the Wily Challenge intro by pressing jump, pause or Enter.
-Shell'n projectiles now put out fire from Oil.
-Time Bomb and Jet Platform now show numbers on the sprite in the editor.
-Updated the profile icons for Block Man, Blast Man and Bounce Man, Impact Man and Torch Man.
-Updated the example level Obligatory Boss Rush with Roll and multi-key doors

Fixed Bugs
-Improved the stability of moving platforms.
-Decreased the likelihood of clipping into walls in various instances.
-In the online menus, one may occasionally come across an 'Undefined response from server' error.
-In the online menus or Wily Challenge, the game may occasionally freeze when trying to communicate with the server. Most of these should no longer happen.
-When accessing the online menus, or when closing the game, the game may crash with a 'Data structure with index does not exist' error.
-When moving a screen containing Crash Lifts, then playing the level, the game may crash.
-Ring and Dive BGs are in the wrong order in the asset list.
-In the online level menu, once a button on the bottom has been selected with the keyboard or controller, clicking a different button will bring up the wrong menu.
-Various enemy projectiles can be frozen by Ice Slasher but do not stop moving.
-Shade Man cannot destroy Noise Crush Weapon Blocks or Barriers.
-When a Fire Met is placed under or over oil, said oil is set on fire while it's despawned.
-When moving toward their destinations, Rotating Platforms and Footholders end at a slightly different position than they should.
-Thunder Wool can crash the game under specific circumstances.
-Placing conveyor belts on the very left or right of the level causes a crash.
-If Bass fires a weapon, then switches to Bass Buster immediately after, he does not aim his arm correctly.
-Brain Break removes Pile Driver's hitbox, causing the weapon to sometimes not hit it or other enemies.
-When Time Slow is active, Concrete Man jumps less horizontal distance than normal.
-Magnet Man's magnetizing animation does not slow down during Time Slow.
-During Time Slow, Magnet Man jumps less horizontal distance than normal and is unable to fire his second Magnet Missile.
-If Ice Man ascends during Time Slow, he does not shoot his second Ice Slasher.
-When standing on a jumpthrough solid while overlapping another jumpthrough solid, the player gets stuck in a constant jumping state.
-Crash Lift rails may sometimes autotile incorrectly.
-Enemies jumping on stacked jumpthrough solids may fall through the lower platforms.
-If Bass uses Treble Boost in a slot that contains Power Adapter for Mega Man, then touches a Yashichi, the Yashichi does not refill his weapon energy.
-When entering a search term on the online level list, you can still press left or right to scroll through it. If left and/or right are mapped to letter keys, this may trigger while typing.
-In the tutorial, when you are asked to enter a level name or to save your level, you can still click other icons in the toolbar, some of which leading to a softlock.
-Danger Wrap does not explode upon hitting a destructible enemy projectile.
-Hot Dog sometimes shoots too many fire balls when respawning.
-Yamato Spike (alt) faces left instead of right when placed against a left wall.
-Spine, Garyoby and Cyber Gabyoall move in the wrong direction when placed on a Sheep Block.
-Bokazurah's projectiles cover less distance during Time Slow.
-Hard Man's jump covers less distance during Time Slow.
-Destructible enemy projectiles can absorb Danger Wrap's explosion.
-If Gyoraibo touches a solid moving platform while it is shooting its missile, the game will hang.
-Water Wave cannot douse Oil below it if shot from far away.
-If you change weapon while holding out Mirror Buster, you keep holding out your buster while sliding.
-Crunch Don's hammer breaks apart Jewel Satellite when hit.
-Cyber Gaboyalls are stopped by the player's held Mirror Buster shield.
-Laser Trident does not properly show up behind certain objects such as plates and Yoku Blocks.
-Mirror Buster's cooldown after reflecting an attack is faster than in MM10's version.
-Tornado Blow does not spawn two tornados properly.
-Due to the above, Tornado Blow has a shorter time when the player has lowered gravity.
-Enemy projectiles do not play the explosion effect or enemy hit sound when killed by shield weapons such as Leaf Shield, Skull Barrier, Star Crash, and Plant Barrier.
-Water Shield does not pop when it hits a protected enemy or enemy projectile.
-Health items can refill your health after you reached 0 hp and died, keeping you alive through certain instant death cases if collected on the same frame.
-When scrolling a Gockroach S Nest on-screen during Flash Stopper, its solid collision may not appear.
-Sola 0 can fall through jumpthrough platforms.
-Fire Wall can kill bosses before they spawn.
-Fire Wall can kill bosses outside the current section.
-When jumping off-screen, Anti-Eddie is still affected by springs.
-Joe Classic's grenades may clip if thrown close to a wall.
-If a Life is carried by an item-grabbing weapon and the player switches weapons, the Life may render incorrectly.
-Hot Heads may clip when turning around near walls.
-If the player dies during a boss intro, and the boss is playing the Mega Man 8 boss intro theme, the boss theme will still play when the boss fight starts.
-In the editor, Weapon Blocks/Barriers set to Proto Jet will appear as Rush Jet.
-While using Perfect Freeze, if you keep holding the shoot button after a boss is defeated, the sound will keep playing.
-Wall Teck always starts moving down when loaded in from a disconnected screen.
-If Concrete Man touches his own Concrete Shot block and a Spring at the same time, he may clip downward.
-If a Spring bounces Wood Man close to a ceiling, he may clip.
-Wood Man does not end his jump when landing on a Spring.
-Crystal Man's health bar color is different from how it is in Mega Man 5.
-Brain Break rapidly turns around on jumpthrough or moving platforms.
-Tsurannatori groups up incorrectly.
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Nov 2, 2008
This is really cool!
I remember downloading some kind of MegaMan level maker on the PetitComputer on DSiWare a while back.. I had a ton of fun with that thing.. It was actually a complete remake on MegaMan done in Basic. I still got the QR codes for it somewhere..

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