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    Region free</b>

    Here we have a copy of dead rising 2 about a week ahead of release. For those that never played the first you get trapped in a zombie outbreak and have to fight your way through the hordes of zombies using anything to hand. Being a pre release there are not any reviews around but there was an XBLA release (dead rising case zero, scene name Dead_Rising_2_Case_Zero_XBLA_XBOX360-XBLAplus ) that serves as an introduction to this game (and also allows you a headstart at levelling up your character- it is unknown at this time if it will hold for JTAG users that have it mind).
    Based on that the engine is not all that different to the first but there have been major improvements to movement, weapons usage and general gameplay (the former two of which were quite substantial gripes with the first entry to the series).

    <b>Gameplay video</b>
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    What is it about the game that is "uncut" I am curious.
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    I am guessing that as it is a PAL region sourced one so the German release as and when it comes (or the Australian) will be cut back a bit.
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    Just got this release, though I didn't like the first one.
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    Yay, first one was awesome, lets hope they haven't screwed around with it too much with the 2nd.
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    Ended up putting in a couple of hours

    First JTAG saves from case zero do carry over- the 5 level boost being most appreciated early on in the game.

    If you played the case zero game you know a fair bit of what to expect but the main game is obviously bigger but also has more things to do, more weapons to make and the nice feeling that comes with not being able to cross a level quickly enough that you can still reasonably count it in seconds.

    Initial thoughts though "Dead rising 2- what dead rising 1 should have been"- better movement, better weapons and weapons handling, better survivor AI (although only just) and so far a better story. I suspect it will be called a highly polished version of dead rising 1 and that would not be incorrect but on the other hand it is a highly polished version of dead rising 1.
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    I have to resist playing this now. I mean, my 360 is not banned, and I don't want to get banned for playing a week earlier.

    I even meant to wait for the PC version!

    Nggghrh MUST... RESIST... DR2... URGES!
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    I've had this since it dumped but not had chance to play it until now.. Played around 2hrs today and love it, crazy fun!