Daily life rhythm differences

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    I talked with my mother about other countries having different lunch time, and I thought I'll ask here.

    I'm interested in the daily life rhythm's differences in each country/region.
    Like the usual hour the work starts or ends, the lunch time, anything you can think important etc.
    I think it is interesting to see and compare how each country is living.

    For example : France and Spain don't share the same rhythm for work/lunch time
    Lunch in France 12h, Spain ~15h (At least it was like that few years ago, when I visited Spain with school trip) so the working time is also different.
    Shops are not opened at night, or sunday in France but they are in Japan

    Note : Of course this is not always accurate, because not everybody will follow the same rhythm, but consider the most commonly used rhythm.

    In France
    School :
    08h00-12h00, 13/14h00-16/17h00, from Monday to Friday. Common teaching class anytime (as opposed as Japan where the afternoon they have sports and club activity)
    Children in primary school doesn't have school on Wednesday.

    Job :
    Lunch time : 12h00
    Common work time : 08h00-12h00, 14h00-18h00, 5 days a week (of course it can change depending the job, this is the usual administration working hours)
    Maximum working time : 35H per week (defined by law), the excessive time from 35h to 40h (if worked) can be stored and taken as holiday later.
    Sunday : all is closed, not a working day.
    Shop closes at 20H maximum (in my region/town at least. it's certainly opened at night time in big cities).

    Daily life :
    Lunch time is usually every 4h :
    08h00 : breakfast (coffee, milk, tea, something light)
    12h00 : Main lunch, consistent and full energy food.
    (16h00 for children mostly, like after school they usually eat cakes, biscuits, etc.),
    20h00 : usual food, often light too.

    How is your country rhythm ?
    Do you have any particular things other counties don't have ?

    Please share with everyone [​IMG]