Hacking CycloDS Evolution HW v1.0 and HW v1.1 Differences


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Nov 6, 2002
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QUOTE said:
V1 and V2 cards are running on the HW v1.0 Architecture, and V3 cards are running on the HW v1.1 Architecture.

The difference is that the HW v1.1 cards are slimmer and don't have a protruding chip through the sticker, due to a redesign of the card to have it fit easier in the DS and help reduce the amount of defective units, whereas HW v1.0 cards have the protruding chip through the sticker.

Besides this, there are NO hardware functionality differences between the two.

ONE thing that is different between the two versions is the button to get into the recovery mode for the force-installation of a firmware:
On HW v1.0 Cards, the button you hold is SELECT.
On HW v1.1 Cards, the buttons you hold are DOWN + B.

The reason for this is due to a clash with the FlashMe Recovery Mode in order to reinstall FlashMe from a Bricked DS while installing FlashMe, by holding the SELECT button, without clashing with the CycloDS Evolution's Recovery Mode.

Very important difference for FlashMe users

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