Crazy Intro v0.5b

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    Crazy Intro v0.5b
    Custom Wii Intros

    Crazy Intro is an autoboot homebrew to use along with Preloader. When using it you can display a custom picture and play a mp3 file of your choice every time you start your Wii. Another feature of Crazy Intro is that you can assign frequently used channels to the d-pad of your Wiimote and boot Homebrew channel by pressing 'B'. This version several improvements such as being able to configure the boot through a config file, 16:9 support, reset button now loads the Wii system menu to prevent sync issues and if no custom intro can be found then the normal startup will be used.

    - Using GRRLIB 4.0
    - Able to use effects fully configurable using the config file
    - Picture size & position is configurable and press this and that stuff can be used too...
    - Reset button leads to the system menu to overcome the wiimote sync issue with preloader.
    - If there is no custom stuff on the sd card then displays a default intro
    - All resource files should be in a folder named crazyintro in the sd card, and program no longer uses default names for sound and picture. Everything is configurable in the config file.
    - Supporting 16/9 aspect ratio (?)

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    I have a 400x300 pixel image and i cant seem to get the offset so that it is in the middle. Can you help here is the pick!