Couple of quick questions.

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    For some reason, I feel like a utter nub ask questions. They're real quick, and since the main thread is essentially dead I decided to make a new one.

    I have a first release PSP with the default battery. I cut the required leg I needed to so it has a Pandora's Battery. I downgraded to 1.50 back when the highest was 2.00. It recently was upgraded to 3.03 (I have no idea who did this) so I'm trying to go with these "custom firmwares" everyone is talking about.

    -If I follow this tutorial will by battery be used as a normal battery? Just to make sure, since I have no money to buy a new one.
    -Following this method for the MS; how exactly can you get the MS back to normal? (specific directions if possible)

    Thanks. [​IMG]
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    you have a phat psp with 3.03 and your trying to do... what? honestly if you are on that firmware i would stick where i have mine, 3.03OE-C. dont need to do anything crazy to get there. i play all homebrew, all games, all popstation, i seriously doubt i'll be "upgrading" to a new CFW any time soon. By all means play with modding your battery but i stay with what works and what works is a tried and tested cfw that came out almost a year ago that does everything the newer ones do without all this fuss and hassle.