Copying M3DS Simply savegame back to the Original

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    Apr 5, 2007
    Eepinator works with Slot-1 Cards (M3DS Simply)

    I used Eepinator ( to successfully copy the savegame from my m3ds simply back to the original game cartridge.

    1. Download eepinator.nds and patch it with the DLDI for your card (in my case R4DS because it says that it is M3DS Simply compatible). You can patch it with a tool on the same site. (

    2. Use Shuny's Savegame Converter and convert "M3DS Simply" save to "Supercard One". You need to do this because Supercard uses raw save files. (

    3. Copy all the files back to your flashcard, boot up eepinator.nds and choose File->DS Cart. Select the save that you want to copy back to the original game. Take out the M3DS Simply and put the original cartridge into Slot-1. Hit start like it asks, then start again. Tada, your save will be back on your original cartridge!