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Apr 11, 2010
United States
Cooking Guide

Cooking guide. The innovative, convenient DS program that teaches the user to cook real life recipes from Tsuji Cooking Academy. However, this is not a game. You do not swing your knife up and down using the touch screen. Nor do you blow in the mike to cool a pot of boiling hot onion soup. Instead, you can start swinging a real knife up and down, hacking and slicing the pieces of meat, cheese or whatever the hell it is your mutilating.(please do not chop the DS...) In short, this a cookbook for the DS with 245 recipes with loads of little add ons.

1) Easy to understand, even for complete beginners
2) Some good cooking hints
3) Recipes varied and tasty
4) Recipes from all over the world

Obviously, This is way better than having someone just read a fancy cookbook out loud. This program has a timer, a shopping list, a virtual chef who reads the instructions out loud checklist of foods you absolutely cannot have(e.g. pork if your Muslim)and a “cooking A-Z” button on the title screen which absolutely brimming with hints, tips, useful extras like “substitute ingredients” and even example videos of how to do some kitchen work like whisking, filleting, washing, and shaving into slices.

While cooking, sometimes your hands get a bit dirty or messy so that you cannot touch the DS without getting it dirtied. Here however, you can input voice commands to go to the next/previous step, or to input a timer or even to check for more details. You can turn this on and off at the settings menu.

While waiting for your timer to go off, Most people get bored and leave the kitchen. However, with small amounts of time, you usually cannot leave, which leaves the chef bored. Some people could play on the DS while waiting, however it disrupts the built-in timer. So Nintendo have the oh-so-addictive Game and Watch game known as "chef"! Well done, Nintendo! Not many people expected that!

This is a must for keen cookers, from beginners to experts to housewives to bored husbands. Well done and thank you Nintendo for making another family program!


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