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Jan 24, 2007
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Does anybody know if there is a way to convert a EZV .sav file from the hybrid version of a rom to the clean version of the same rom?

For example, I have a .sav file for SomeRomHybridPatched.nds and I want to convert it into a save for the same rom but in clean mode (SomeRom.nds).

The reason I want to do this is because I was previously using an EZV to run a rom where I had to use the hybrid version of the rom (it was being used with a pre 1.6+ loader,) but now I have an AcekardRPG and I want to continue my save on that.

If I try to use the clean rom on my RPG with a hybrid EZV save of the same rom it does not work.

What does work is if I:
1. Put the clean rom onto my AcekardRPG
2. Run the rom from the RPG once just to get it to autodetect and create the .sav file
3. Hook the RPG up to my computer and replace the newly created .sav file with a EZV save from the same clean rom and rename it to match the RPG save name

Following the above steps I can restore my EZV saves just fine.

But if I try to use a EZV save from the hybrid version of the rom in step 3 it doesn't work, probably because some header info gets changed in the patching process is my guess.

I have yet to try putting the hybrid rom on my RPG and using it in conjunction with the hybrid save but I am not sure if it will work since hybrids are meant specifically for the EZV.

Anybody know anything about this?

BTW, if anybody is interested, EZV saves do not need to be converted with Shuny's save converter beforehand for them to work with the RPG.

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