Connecting to PSN on CFW 3.55 Kmeaw

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    The folks over at PS3-Hacks have reportedly found a way to get back on PSN!

    Personally I haven’t tried this yet, but it seems promising… This comes from an anonymous fellow who is reporting success on connecting to PSN using PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 by Kmeaw. So install that first and then follow these steps.

    The following assumes you’re technically inclined and/or very resourceful, i.e. you know how to use Google. You’ll likely need to reference Google when it comes to generating/signing a certificate and creating a CA (certification authority). That said lets get started; here we’re using a combination of two tactics:

    1. DNS server trick: Set Primary DNS to under Network Settings
    2. Simple SSL proxy that basically modifies the headers for outgoing packets to’s to change “PS3 03.55? to “PS3 03.56? — this makes PSN believe the PS3 is using the proper firmware version

    Got it? Now here is how we accomplish tactic #2:

    1. Replacing a SSL cert in the CFW (in /dev_flash/data/cert) with your own CA SSL certificate
    2. Creating an SSL certificate for “” signed with your CA certificate
    3. Run a DNS server on your machine that resolves to your PC’s internal IP
    4. Create a Java SSL proxy (basically PS3 PC PSN). The PC claims (to the PS3) that it is “” and is successfully accepted because a CA signed the SSL certificate
    5. Replace the headers sent PS3 -> PSN to specify “PS3 03.56?

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

    Looks like it works… Here is video proof:

    And no, this isn’t a video tutorial. Wait for that.
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    anyone make a video tutorial or a text tutorial for this yet? Video's gone from youtube, and a lot of people are claiming this doesn't work, but they probably can't do what is required anyway.
  3. xraven13

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    There is tutorial on other site.. Its not really for noobs, though... I am not sure can I mention here name of site and post links ?

    But is there any way for Sony to stop this ? I just don't wanna bother if it will work 2 days..
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    yes, you can post it as there's no copyrighted material on that tutorial.
    also available here, with some links

    It's a more step by step tutorial, but still not noob friendly as you have to install and configure everything yourself.
    This tutorial cover one possibility, you can achieve the same thing using different tools. It's (it should be) compatible with all firmware, not only 3.55Kmeaw
    Just take extreme attention when you are writing to the PS3 flash, you can brick your PS3.
    Sony will certainly detect it and block psn access again (I guess checking the certificate is easy for them).

    Enjoy as long it last.
  5. ViRGE

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    Ultimately they can release a new version of PSN that uses a new protocol - all the hacks in the world won't get the old PSN client to connect if that happens. So any measure to restore PSN access is effectively temporary, for varying lengths of "temporary". It's anyone's guess how long this specific one will last.
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    this sounds cool, but i'll keep it like my xbox 360, offline and safe. when you use the companies TOS, you are basically becoming their bitch and I don't want that even if PSN is free. I got Wii for online play.
  7. Fellow

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    The tutorial doesn't make any since and the steps are very vague, I'm having trouble accomplishing anything with any of the guides out today.
  8. mechadylan

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    I have counted at least 3 different "ways" to connect to PSN on CFW 3.55 Kmeaw as of writing this. The good news is that the instructions are getting clearer, the bad news is that the methods are becoming more crass in name... I mean, "F***PSN0.3 (sheesh.)

    All methods seem to involve the replacement of the /dev_blind/data/cert/CA24.cer file with a custom CA24.cer file via FTP; or in some cases, installing a CFW with the modified CA24.cer file already in place.

    While some methods call for a folder on your USB thumbdrive to place the original CA24.cer file before placing the modded one, other methods (namely F***PSN) suggest renaming the original CA24.cer.bak and placing the modded CA24.cer file alongside it in the same folder. Intriguing.