GCN Connecting S-Video out to TV's Component in.

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Since there's no cables/adapters on the market except for an $80 Composite/Svideo to Component converter, I've been playing around with svideo to scart and component to scart adapters and various other bits and bobs.

One Idea I've had is to make a component cable for GC that carries the Svideo signal but I can't find any good diagrams of the NTSC GameCube multiout pins.

So anyway, where I've gotten to is I took the Component Y (and ground) pins from my component to scart adapter and put them into the Svideo Y/composite out sockets and put the audio in to the audio out pins. then

On Pokémon LeafGreen in the GB Player, I hooked my modified adapter to my Svideo to SCART adapter and hooked up just the component Y cable to my TV and got no signal then I hooked it to the composite port on my TV and weirdly, I got s sharp image expected (shaper than a DVD on my Blu Ray player that only outputs HDMI), but also it had some color (that glitched up on moving objects)

Svideo Y is meant to be B&W like component Y isn't it? So either my svideo to scart adaper is switching svideo to composite first and botching it up, or the gamecube is sending color to the svideo Y pin or something?

I also have a consolegoods PAL N64 SCART cable which I think is supposed to send the same signal as their PAL svideo cable. I've opened it up and theres more wires than I expected from a SCART cable carrying Svideo. I might upload pics of that later.

I'm starting to think it's a matter of a building a custom cable for GC than an svideo to component adapter/converter/transcoder. Sadly there doesn't seem to be much research on this topic as I seem to be the only person who wants to use S-video that doesn't have a TV with an S-video port

I also have my hands on blue prints for an old Sony Svideo to RGB transcoder so I'm thinking of getting someone to use those blueprints to make me a USB powered Component transcoder.

Incase you're wondering, the reason I'm aiming for component rather than RGB is because S-Video signal is more similar to Component than RGB. Though perhaps if I looked up component to RGB adapters/conversion I might be able to reverse engineer that to adapt/convert S-Video instead


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Buy a Wii and use its $5 component cables instead. I know the GB Player is nice but you are in PAL country as well and that is not a great start for this sort of thing with most consoles, at least beyond most TVs in such places having a few more options back in the day (I don't know if you are still playing on a nice old CRT or something).


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If you can get an S-Video to composite adapter, you can just connect the yellow part to the green component input, and it works just like S-video/composite in.


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If you can get an S-Video to composite adapter, you can just connect the yellow part to the green component input, and it works just like S-video/composite in.

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Ew composite

I did find this somewhat useful thread. Basically it confirms what I was thinking, I need to somehow decode the chrominance into separate channels while Y works fine and it's easier to upconvert to component than RGB http://www.avsforum.com/forum/37-video-processors/1389459-diy-s-video-component-converter.html
unfortunately the av recievers it speaks of aren't easy to find these days even secondhand. Unless you count HDMI upscalers that don't have any option to keep the source resolution

Whatever I end up with. I want it to be purely analog because my TV handles analog really well and converting to digital or even RGB could degrade the video. I'm considering that $80 component converter.

Thinking about soldering in an Svideo port to my TV. I'm not sure my idea will work, anyone know?

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