Hacking Confused... GW or CFW?


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Jan 4, 2016
Hi guys just looking for a little advice.
I've just managed to downgrade my brothers o3DS from 9.7 to 9.2 and now deciding if to go with GW or CFW.
I myself have a 3DS which I use with gateway and is still running its original 4.3 that it came with, at the time there wasn't any CFW so I have both red and blue cards and thats all I've ever used.
Now I can set up and use GW on my brothers 3DS no problem but just have the slight incontinence of swapping between us the red card every time we start up our 3DS.. Now there is CFW (which I'm completely clueless about) its really appealing the thought that he can just switch it on and boot into emunand without borrowing my red card first.
When googling Gateway vs CFW the only plus points for GW is been able to use .3ds files, which is not an issue to me as I only have or intend to use is .cia files.

My slight concern is although I'd be able to setup rxTools CFW (I'm assuming thats the best one?) and update it to the latest 10.3 emunand and everything working perfect... What happens when 10.4 comes out?
With GW as soon as a new version comes out all I do is go to there website, download the latest version which is usually released within a day or so of a new firmware release, copy across the new launcher.dat file then update my emunand and thats it! - simple.
What do you do with CFW? Where do you get updates from? And how soon does it take for an update to come out?
I've always found GW to be on point and very reliable with there updates, unlike things such as sky3ds which is now on there 3rd revision, my GW card has been worth every penny long term wise...
Just wanting to know thoughts/advice since I've had no experience with CFW before and would hate to get everything set up and in time when for example version 11.0 is out and Gateway emunand is running perfect but CFW users are stuck behind on 10.4 due to lack of updates or something?
Thank you! :)
Nov 23, 2014
Canberra, Australia
Didn't read your whole post, but you can set up CFW and GW on the same console and switch between them. For example you could have GW boot on startup and have rxtools boot through DS profile exploit (GW doesn't support DS profile exploit on greater than 4.5) for when you don't have access to the GW red card. What you would do is hold a button that makes you boot to sysNAND and then launch rxtools through the DS profile. Hope this helps.

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