Concerning the current 3ds banwave: An Idea.

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by TJHeartnote, May 27, 2017.

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    Now a lot of you are likely worried like me about this ban.

    "Should I keep my 3DS offline?", "should I reset my 3ds to stock?", "What kind of ban will I receive if i go online?", "If I get myself unbanned will i get rebanned?".

    The questions go on and on. You see I been thinking about since we can't go through the ban how bout we go around it? You see with PlayStation vitas and henkaku they got around forced updates via firmware spoofing right?

    I was thinking Would it be possible to spoof a legit firmware from a legit 3ds? And for further security Spoof a legit title installed for any CIAs or homebrew software while you are at it. so the big N can't tell if it's a legit player or not.

    Nintendo would see you spent 40 hours on your legit copy of Pokemon moon and think nothing of it, but in reality you are playing your CIA copy of mother 3. Shows up to spotpass as Pokemon moon, shows up on now playing as Pokemon moon, shows up in the activity log as Pokemon moon. Nintendo is none the wiser.

    Firmware spoofing might be more difficult but just as necessary. Spoofing a firmware version is easy but spoofing whether or not a firmware is legit is difficult. not to mention likely would require another system's info. an unhacked system's info. not to mention making the false firmware look up to date.

    There is a lot of variables but I hope my proposed idea could get the wheels turning for those way more knowledgeable and skilled then me in the regards of 3ds hacking to come up with this solution. and if you want to credit me in any way, Just name this software or CFW feature. Zoroark.

    Plain and simple, to the point, and most nintendo fans would get the reference, after all there is a software out there for hiding your hack locally called keckleon. It's only fair that the Firm/title spoofer is called Zoroark. I leave you all to now discuss this whether or not this is a BS idea or a viable solution. thank you.
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    Right now, I repeat myself from another thread.

    The people that KNOWS these things that have the TOOLS need to somehow figure out WHAT is causing the bans.
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    Two problems.

    1. We still don't why bans were given out and if non-legit CIAs or modified firmware was the reason.
    2. If Nintendo can detect any remnants of a CFW this probably wouldn't help.