Community interest in seedbox server for tempers

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    Basically what this topic is for is looking for community interest and thought on the topic of torrent seedboxes and similar services. Recently more and more i have been noticed temper complaints and everywhere infact about capped ISP torrent download speeds and many other issues, which is there a solution for.

    For those not familar with the concept of seedboxes: You have access to a dedicated server which downloads the torrent you want for you, and seeds it. Since it is on a highspeed 100mbit or 1gbit connection it is done very quickly and uploads very fast, therefore also giving you possibly a high ratio. You then download your files from the seedbox via HTTP or FTP, and delete them from the server when you are done with them.

    Me and some friends have been using dedicated servers for this and other uses for many years, and it came to my attention a service such as this may be useful for the users of GBATemp in particular. As well as seedbox we also could provide shells for the more technically advanced users to run what they wish, such as IRC bouncers, host files on HTTP, or anything to a reasonable degree of usage. It should also be mentioned we can also support Usenet downloads and uploads within a HTTP interface.

    Our current servers are not up to the specifications of hosting many users, so i wanted to make a topic in order to gauge interest and see peoples opinions on this topic. We were hoping to find a minimum few users who would definitely be interested, then we could purchase a server that is appropriately equipped and then provide a cheap price split between the first users of the server. We don't want to buy a server thats too powerful and not be able to afford it or too slow and be a hassle to the users, which is why i made this topic to get people's thoughts.

    Someone mentioned that there is many other services available like this currently, which is true, although they can be quite expensive at times from what i see. This is supposed to be more than just a seedbox, we want to try and provide accommodate any requirements you have from the server. This is aimed at people who are not familiar with and want a helpful community to go along with the service without having to deal with unknown businesses and rather members of GBAtemp of many years. People could also share files with each other on the server easily to avoid multiple people downloading the same popular thing, i'm sure this can be implemented easily.

    So, what are peoples thoughts on this matter? Maybe you already use a seedbox and have thoughts on how its been for you or maybe you are interested in taking part here? Hopefully i can find out and provide a service for people here. I have some interest from a few members already who have said they would certainly use it, so once i work out how many will put money in i will purchase the server as soon as possible and inform members about it.

    Just to point out, this topic was approved by admins.
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    My concern is that it'll be willingly hosting illegal content. The "it's the users doing it, not us" excuse doesn't actually work in court anymore (as the limewire case shows).
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    Well there is a seedbox companies everywhere these days, and it doesn't seem to be much of an issue right now... if that changes then i will stop it. I just wanted to do a server that was more community orientated and offered more services than just a seedbox, anything people on here need but don't want to purchase their own dedicated server for. If there is a copyright concern or request from a company related to a file on the server then it will be dealt with as appropriate, as any service does ie. Rapidshare, Megaupload. Your server space and account is your responsibility at the end of the day.

    Edit: i'm not really wanting this to turn into a discussion of the legal or moral implications of this, no users or owners of seedboxes have ever been in trouble as far as i'm aware, and its discussed enough everywhere.. not to mention this is GBAtemp of all places. I'm seeing if people want a service that's all.
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    I'm in, but maybe not right away, as I'm looking to get a job, and money is tight.
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    I've been using a dedi box on my home connection for a few months now, and it's already helped me out on several trackers, for example on bG I've uploaded 250GB from virtually no torrents.

    Also another possible application of such a service is for VPN's, routing traffic through the server, which is really useful when using an insecure network etc...