Code Name: Sailor V (OpenBoR Wii) Released

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    Code Name: Sailor V uses a wii-linux port of OpenBoR v2.1933 coded by Kungpow (me) and nuvalo. Original code provided by the lavalit team and Senile Team.

    This is a PoC Release for OpenBoR for the Wii. Other past modules will work with this release as well.

    Known Issues

    *) GameCube D-Pad Not Working (Uses Analog Stick)
    *) Wiimote not fully supported (Take Batteries out so that Wii-Linux discovers it)
    *) Modules that use widescreen crash engine (ie. Golden Axe Remake)
    *) Modules that use script with combostep in it crash engine (ie. Golden Axe Remake)
    *) When the engine starts, the sound engine starts at 11khz, 8bit mono, which makes the sound staticy
    *) Have to reset sound engine and restart OpenBoR before the sound issue is fixed.

    If there is anyone that would like to help work on this port some more, please contact me at

    ===Main Game Info===

    == Code Name: Sailor V ==

    Based on Code Name: Sailor V
    Manga Published - 1993
    Created by Naoko Takeuchi

    Also includes elements from Sailor Moon Episode 42.

    "Before the time of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi, there was only one..."

    Join Katarina and Minako Aino, also known as Sailor V, on their quest to bring down the Dark Agency, a group set on total global domination.

    Armed with Love and Beauty on one end of the spectrum and Weaponry on the other, this will prove to be a fast paced, yet challenging gaming experience for every gamer out there.

    *) 2 Players, 2 Secret Characters
    *) 3 Modes (4 Modes, 1 extra on Dreamcast and Wii Releases)
    *) Fully Voiced Cutscenes/Animations
    *) Katarina features a weapon system based on MP
    *) Special Button fires weapon
    *) Specialized Enemy AI
    *) Specialized Boss AI

    Special Moves

    Sailor V - Minako Aino
    Special Button = Sacred Crescent Shower
    F,F = Run
    D,D or U,U = Rolling Dodge
    F,F + A (While Running) = Sailor V Kick
    D,U + A = V Knee Uppercut
    D,F + A = V Kick Combo
    Hold A for 5 Seconds = V Boomerang

    Katarina - Interpol Officer
    Special Button = Spinning Kick
    F,F = Run
    D,D or U,U = Rolling Dodge
    F,F + A (While Running = Shoulder Lunge
    D,U + A (While holding weapon) = Spinning Kick
    Special Button (While holding weapon = Fire Weapon
    Hold A for 5 Seconds = Baton Toss


    Code Name Sailor V for PC (64.7 MB)
    Code Name Sailor V for XBox (64.8 MB)
    Code Name Sailor V for Wii (74.67 MB)
    Code Name Sailor V for PSP (77.34 MB)
    Code Name Sailor V for Dreamcast (CD1) (63.88 MB)
    Code Name Sailor V for Dreamcast (CD2) (63.70 MB) all in the source/download page.....
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    AWESOME!!!! now i have to figure out how to use wii-linux. [​IMG]

    when you say "Other past modules will work with this release as well." that means that i can use the original .pak too?
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