CNC 3020 3040 6040 -- Anybody ever played with one?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by FAST6191, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Possibly the wrong place to ask but I might as well.

    I fancy a new toy and that toy is going to be a CNC milling machine (else it will be a mill, a vacuum former or something similar, no 3d printers please).

    Naturally as part of this I found the whole 3020, 3060 and 6040 Chinese CNC machines dotted around the place ( seems to be one of the better vendors)
    They start at just over £550 for the 240V stuff already in country/without shipping (and customs) hassles and go to about 4 times that for the nice 4 axis 6040 stuff.

    I saw several youtube videos from China and from outside China and nothing too red flag like was raised, I also did not see any second hand ones floating around which is often a good sign. I do not mind milling a better plate/table, installing better bearings or rewiring it with real wires.

    Though it will be a toy £550 is a lot of money that I would rather not waste on a complete piece of junk. At that price point, other than building one, I am looking at the considerably smaller Roland stuff for the alternatives. I trust the Roland to deliver upon what it says.
    However the build areas of the 3020 stuff are 65 x 300 x 200mm (the 6040 stuff is 65 x 580 x 400mm)
    This compares to the imodela stuff at 26 x 80 x 55 mm (a serious difference)

    Accuracy is sub mm for both, I do not much care beyond that for a toy (whatever materials it mills are whatever it mills, though I would dearly love something that would chew through tungsten I do not much care if I am limited to wood and plastic). Obviously I would like to go for something like but they are somewhat dearer.
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