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    Ok, about 3 months ago I soft modded a wii for a friend I was staying with. I opted to go with a usb loader (USB Loader GX). Everything was great I was able to play back ups from usb sticks and everything ran smoothly. I had to leave for awhile but when I came back I brought the New Guitar Hero game with me. I put the game in and it done an update (not online, no wifi). Now my usb loader doesnt work. I got a new WD external usb drive with a bunch of my games backed up on it and now im freakin out. The computer I used before to help me softmod the wii was a desktop pc with a SD card reader on it. Im now on a laptop and dont have a sd reader and Im thinking I might have to reinstall a cIOS or two to get my loader to work again but I cant reload what I need to my sd card because of my situation. My resources are tight right now and i cant rush out to get one. Is there any advice out there please to help me get this sorted out.
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    what is the system menu version?
    To do anything you are going to need to be able to copy stuff to an sd card (unless the homebrew channel is already on the wii, or if you can get in to the usb loader gx menu), but card readers aren't very expensive: - $6 dollars with free shipping
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    Card readers aren't very expensive, so that shouldn't be much of a worry to you. I'm pretty sure what happened is that the update stubbed out your cIOS, so yes, you need to unstub the cIOS slots (222, 249, etc.) and re-install it.
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    if u still have the homebrew channel, or a forwarder channel on the console, u don't need to use an SD card, u can use a FAT32 Hard Drive