Cheats / AR Codes On Flash Carts

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    Cheats / AR Codes On Flash Carts

    Most modern flash cart softwares support AR codes, and can use one or more database types. There's no need to use an actual Action Replay or any other cheat device to apply codes to a DS ROM being played from a flash cart.

    • Applying Codes
      When applying the codes, it's generally done in the properties of a ROM. You'll go to a ROM's properties.settings, choose the cheats option, then check the cheats you want to have applied when you run it. The actual process varies depending on the flash cart you're using, so check the user guide for your cart's software if you're lost.

    • Updating Database
      As far as updating the cheat database, it's usually as easy as replacing a file on the MicroSD, usually in the system folder of whatever software your flash cart uses. You'll see the cheat database file somewhere (if it exists), you can just overwrite it.

    • Database Types
      As far as the database, there's a few types (cheat.db, cheat.xml, usrcheat.dat, etc.) but usrcheat.dat is the most widely-used nowadays, since it can easily be edited. If your flash cart was made within the past four years or so, chances are you can use this format, and it's preferred that you do since it's the easiest to keep updated.

    • Downloads
      The most commonly-used database is maintained at Codemasters Project, but if you just want to download the database you can either use The DS-Scene ROM Tool (which has many additional functions and downloads a few versions), or download usrcheat.dat immediately with this link.

    • Editing
      If you want to edit the usrcheat.dat database yourself, use R4CCE. There's some instructions here.

    EDIT: Now that the transition period is up, I merged this with the main FAQ.
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    Nice FAQ.
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    Thank you for the guide! :yaynds:
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    Nice but still i ve questions about cheats on my flash-cart. I ve a DSi-XL and a N3Ds-XL with flashcard both. They have both a 32Gb MicroSD in it with over 200 games on each devided in catergories (games, puzzles, racing, mario, dutch,...) beside those maps i ve also the __rpg sub with these subs under the Dir. (cheats, fonts, icons, language and iu) BUT ...
    i dont know how to add cheats working on my systems, i just downloaded the usrcheat.dat file and what do i have to do now?
    Also, my start button in my wood skin (or the 01, gbatemp or zelda skin) will not work, nothing pops up when i press it (L or R with Y does also nothing)

    Help plz