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    Jan 29, 2007
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    Hi, I'm very new to these forums. I have a GB Micro and recently got the M3 Lite SD and the funny thing is, I bought it from Canada but it's in chinese. I've tried to load the english update to the root directory in the hope that I can change the chinese font to english. I turn the GB Micro on and I think it asks if I want to load or not, I hit start and I get a RED MESSAGE and according to my chinese friends, it saying something like it's not the right file. Help, not sure what to do. If not, can someone explain to me the menus and submenus underneath them? I'm curious as to what the bottom right icon does.
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    ask for an replacement from the store...
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    Yeah and if you need to change the language that would be nearly impossible to change the FLASHCART OS Language