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Jul 29, 2016
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Hello all,
I realize that the Ace3DS Plus is a “clone” flashcard, but I’m having a nonstandard issue with mine and I was curious if anyone was familiar with how to deal with it.

I’m using the latest Wood firmware that’s available from the Ace3DS site. (Seems like there isn’t custom firmware for it, like there’s Ysmenu for DSTT cards?) It seems to work well, but after configuring the global settings I am suddenly unable to press start to access the Wood menu, access any game’s info/settings menu, or change how the games are displayed. Whenever I try opening one of these menus, the pulsing icon of whichever game I have selected will stop moving for a moment and then start moving again without opening the menu.

Tried this with two SD cards. Using a N3DSXL with current stable Luma and current firmware. Overwriting the __rpg folder from the Ace3DS site seems to fix the problem, but it happens again if I try to configure global settings. Any ideas? Thanks.

Edit: I did some more research and perhaps I’ve been enabling “safe mode” by accident. I’ll check the settings .ini when I get back to a computer. If so... I’d at least hope that it would let you swap which display mode you are using.
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