Can vwii be unhacked

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    This is just for curiosity really, I was wondering if the vwii could be set back to a clean unmodded state.
    I know you can just uninstall the hbc, but I was more thinking about the custom ios that's installed to run the USB loaders.
    Obviously we made a backup of our NAND before we modded, could that be somehow used to restore the vwii to an unhacked state with all the original ios intact whilst removing the custom ones?

    And also I'm curious about what happens when the wiiu is formatted, does that affect the vwii in anyway and alter anything that's been installed on there in terms of channels or ios?

    Like I said its all curiosity, just wondered if the soft mods are permanent (except possible future updates from nintendo to overwrite them) or can the vwii be reverted back to an original state?
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    good topic, hope someone has a answer.
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    It would be really hard to do it well enough that Nintendo couldn't tell it was once hacked as far as warranty work but most stuff could be removed.

    If you un-install a channel in the data management section of the system menu, it still leaved behind the ticket. (formatting might help that, I'm not sure.)
    I know if you use any title deleter on a old, normal Wii it creates a fake IOS0 ticket to be able to do it's job so I don't know if any of the system apps that have been modded over to be used on vWii also have that problem. It would be really hard to remove that ticket if an app had already created it, though. The only thing I can think of would be FS Toolbox which is a dangerous little app when used wrong.
    I think the other stuff that causes problems, like PriiLoader and BootMii, doesn't work on vWii yet.

    It would mostly be getting rid of the HBC, any channels you'd installed with WAD's, their save files, any save files for out of region games you shouldn't have and all cIOS you'd installed (236, 249, etc)
    I think it's safe to say that un-installing a WAD file gets rid of everything but I think only 249 has permission to do that and there aren't any WAD files for the vWii version of cIOS or the HBC.
    You might be able to extract those titles into WAD's on another Wii U and then use those WAD files to uninstall what you have on your Wii U.

    One way or another, if someone were to try something like this they'd have to accept the risk that if they did something wrong it would brick their vWii and leave them with a non-backwards-compatible Wii U instead of just a clean one.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    I'd need this validating as I didn't do it myself - but a mate of mine told me that a simple Wii-U level system format reverted his V-Wii.
  5. inde

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    Oct 8, 2005
    hmm really? can anyone else confirm this? there dont seem to be any info out there about wii u system formats regarding the effects of the vwii
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    You can remove channels and such, but it won't remove the evidence that there was unofficial software there. Doing a format doesn't erase/replace EVERYTHING on the NAND.
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    For example the activity log.

    @Topic: Lets all wait how Nintendo will react with the spring update and then think about what to do.
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    Just wanted to be sure but I believe there are allways traces left on the Wii or WiiU.
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    Just dump the NAND of the vwii using an infectus, progskeet, or other hardware dumper before ever hacking the vwii and then you should be able to restore it later when you want to unhack it. But that does not mean that there aren't any logs in the eMMC that will be evidence of the hack on the vwii.

    When in doubt, just use a regular wii instead.