Cammygirl192 being a soppy sod on Facebook

Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by Touko White, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Touko White

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    This is probably the soppiest/friendliest I have ever been in my life.

    It's nice when you get a friend request from someone, when you doubt sending one to them first.

    Thanks Cammy (Rach)!
    RACH: You're welcome. :)

    CAMMY: I also added you to my Facebook Group (Cammy White Appreciation Society) of course ;)

    CAMMY: Also, I really like OFAH too I couldn't help smiling when I saw that on your profile.

    RACH: Ohh, awesome! Only one friend of mine likes it. It's nice to know somebody else that does. :) Also, any Cammy fan is a friend of mine. :3 I'm obsessed with her.

    CAMMY: Facebook friends or IRL friends? If you're referring to the former it might be dependent on where people live on your list. The same (about Cammy fans) is applicable to me :)

    RACH: Most people on my friends list are from the UK, but they seem to prefer comedies like 'Friends'. I'm guessing you're from the UK too?

    CAMMY: Yes, I am from the UK.

    CAMMY: I also realised you reviewed Terminator 2 as 5 stars, that and the film Snatch are my joint favourite films.

    RACH: Awesome! Terminator 2 is one of my favourite films of all time. I can't fault it in any way. The ending still gets me emotional.

    CAMMY: Same here! I once done a remix of the scene where John first encountered Arnold and the evil cop with Cammy's CPS2 theme, on YouTube, but removed the channel, however I might re-do it later on in time.

    RACH: Ohh, that's a shame. :( It would be great if you could re-do it again. Let me know when you do. :)

    CAMMY: It will probably be up as soon as tonight, if not, it will be done on Saturday. It'll be on my Google+ (Spiralcannon CW).
    If you don't know, Rach B is a cosplayer/gamer who is friends with me on Facebook and I've also been following on Google+. I saw her photo and she's really beautiful although she hasn't shared much at the moment, things can only progress. Also, she just happens to be British :)

    Found her via a YouTube video, she attained several likes/comments on it, I asked about her cosplay, and it spun from there. Camron (aka Hotpirate99 from 101Gamers) asked for some photos of her, said she looked nice, then asked me to request her. I denied, because I didn't want to get rejected, so just followed her, and yesterday got a friend request from her.

    You can imagine my face and mood at the time :D She's also admin of the Cammy White Appreciation Society (set up by me yesterday, I added her and made her admin, which may cause some confusion because we both appear as the same name)

    So this is probably one of the soppiest discussions I had it seems, she's one of the nicest people I've spoken to. Hopefully she sees that I added her to my board's group chat on FB too... (and people have already made fun of it, although one did feel miffed because he didn't get a response from Rach, sadly)
    Feel free to request/add me.
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