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    A couple of XBLA and DLC releases since last post
    <b>Trouble.Witches.Neo.XBLA.XBOX360-MoNGoLS</b> A horizontal frantic/bullet hell shooter- <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    <b>Shift.2.Unleashed.Legends.Pack.DLC.XBOX360-MoNGoLS</b> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    Now region free. <b>Cabelas_Dangerous_Hunts_2011_USA_REGION_LOCK_XBOX360-ZRY</b> hit at the end of October last year.
    Do note the game makes extensive use of a gun controller (not sure if it mandatory) and I am having a bit of trouble tracking down a 360 (there are versions for each of the consoles) version in Europe is a bit tricky. It was sold as standalone in the US though.

    Making the rare trip into PAL territories is a Cabelas game. This one eschews the more conventional hunting/target practice type arrangement favoured by many of the earlier games and instead goes in for a story which depending on the person you ask fell very short with the controls falling short for it (the rest of the game was a rails shooter which works a bit better). Reviews have been middling to bad because of that although the rails aspect has been praised. To this end it might depend on the controller's future use.

    Video (review but it has a lot of gameplay)
    Walkthrough of the first few minutes of the game

    <b>Boxart </b>(click to enlarge)
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