BRSTM <-> BCSTM <-> BFSTM converter tool

Discussion in '3DS - ROM Hacking, Translations and Utilities' started by libertyernie, Mar 25, 2016.

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    This is libertyernie from the kc-mm forums (although I'm not active much there either, I suppose!) I put together Looping Audio Converter, which I think some people here have been using. It's a frontend for converting to/from BRSTM and other formats, some of which have loop info - for example, it can do VGM (Sega, etc.) to BRSTM, or BRSTM to WAV with the loop sections split into separate files. It uses vgmstream to decode BRSTM but uses BrawlLib to encode it.

    Anyway, I've added converters between BRSTM/BCSTM and BRSTM/BFSTM into BrawlLib (in particular, the versions of those formats that uses), so those formats are now available as outputs in Looping Audio Converter and will be supported in the next BrawlBox as well.

    Also - I separated the encoder and converters into a separate command-line tool called stm-encode. It takes WAV, BRSTM, BCSTM or BFSTM as input, and BRSTM, BCSTM or BFSTM as output. It might be useful for use in bigger projects (it performs the function of dspadpcm + revb.) What I'm not sure about is how well it handles variants of the BCSTM and BFSTM formats besides the ones generated by the other converters I've tried.

    By the way: what tool is best for decoding BRSTM/BCSTM/BFSTM to WAV? I've used vgmstream, and I see EveryFileExplorer can decode BCSTM; now BrawlBox will be able to do it too. BrawlBox and vgmstream generate different audio output, but I haven't been able to tell the difference just by listening to them.
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