Broadcom 4322AG WiFi problems

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Originality, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I've had the problem for a long time but just learned to deal with it. Description as follows:

    Between 10-50 minutes after turning on my HP Pavillion tx2550ea tablet laptop, it will no longer work with HTTP traffic. MSN/Windows Live Messenger still works, but HTTP won't work, at all. Also, the icon in the bottom still says it's connected to the internet, even though I can't access it.

    The easy fix is simply to use the WiFi switch to turn the WiFi off for a second and back on. It'll reconnect in seconds and continue as normal. It's annoying, but so long as it only happens once, it can be ignored. Unfortunately, it's been happening a lot lately. Every half hour or so, the problem will come back. The same solution will fix it, but it's very annoying if I'm trying to get work done and get disconnected half way through.

    Another problem (which isn't important in any case) is that even though it's supposed to be a WiFi draft-n compliant card, it just cannot seem to achieve that speed with my Belkin Vision N1 ADSL Router. I'm sure my router's not at fault because my new Acer laptop connects with full 300Mbps speed. I don't think it's the laptop itself because it has connected to a friend's router with full 300Mbps speed. So why can it only connect to mine with 54Mbps speed?

    Drivers for both are up to date (according to windows), and it's not an isolated problem (since I have two of these laptops with the same problem - one is my brother's). I don't really expect any miracle solutions, but it's worth asking anyway.
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    Not sure, but have you tried HP Drivers? This is a weird issue, I searched but didn't see another complaints, only thing I can think of is upgrade to Windows 7 if you haven't