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    Hi, I started installing some homebrew on my wii.

    I installed the homebrew channel via twilight hack with great success. I also managed to get some vc wads on their. I read on more about wads and was curious to see what I can do with them. I got an snes9x wad from a mediafire site after. installed it and worked fine. turned off wii and turned back on a day later and it worked fine as well.

    The day after, my niece came over and knocked over my wii from a height of about four feet. I thought nothing of it, my wii has seen worse. But the next day, I turn on my wii and can't even get the health warning screen.

    What's curious is, I can't even get my wii to sync with my wii even after pressing both sync buttons and what not. Another thing that's odd is that, when I turn on my wii I get this wave of colored distortion or rather, "snow" in one sweep, then it goes black. I noticed I used to get that every time I exited the snes9x wad channel. Meaning, I'm pretty damn sure it was that, since that's the only odd wad I have the other two are just vc channels I got from torrents.

    What puzzles me is that...the wii was working prior to being knocked down by my niece, so...why mess up now? don't think a little four foot fall is capable of so much trouble. wii mote won't sync, which is odd.

    My wii will take discs though, and I did try the automatic boot off zelda (3.3u) since my wii does have the twilight hack still in it, dice. I thought maybe it was my mod chip, but after uninstalling my wiikey, I still can't even get to the health screen (obviously not my chip then). My wii sounds like it works though. For example, when I load a disc, it spins it, load up (then you hear the heavy spinning) and then goes off into a mild spin state (meaning...for my wii at least, it's at the "dashboard") I just can't see anything.

    So...the only thing I can think of is that that drop by my niece may have messed some a/v part of my wii because...everything works fine. my wiimote not being able to sync also confuses me since, I may be ignorant, but...can a bad wad even affect the synchronosity between wii and wiimote? I know it's not my wiimote since it syncs perfectly well with my blue tooth adapter on my pc.

    any help or insight is appreciated. I know I'm definitely going have to send it in for repairs, kinda sucks since I'll be sending in a perfectly working dms chipset I've had for quite some time now and getting in return, probably, a d2c which will require a new modchip and some time soldering, oh well [​IMG]

    protip: don't install random wads.
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    It sounds more like a motherboard failure. A bad WAD, AFaiK, doesn't stop the synchronization between the Wii and the Remote. But, then again, the disc does run fine. If the autoboot Zelda doesn't work, then I don't think that you've got much choice but to send it back to Nintendo. Just make sure you take the chip out first, otherwise it was a waste of money buying it. I don't think it could be Snes9X. If it was fine before, then it would still be fine. But then again, the Health and Safety screen does pop-up...Gah, you'll just have to send it back and say that it was dropped or something.