Bravely Default (U) eShop & GBAVC save dumping issues

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    So I have SaveDataFiler running on my SysNAND via Gateway (I am holding B when booting Gateway mode) and I can't seem to find (U) Bravely Default (titleid: 00040000000FC500) on the User and Ext lists.

    Bravely Default is a 6.2.0U game, but the strange thing is that I managed to find my ALBW saves, which is also 6.2.0U. The stranger thing is that if I put my SD card on my computer and search for the TitleID, it manages to find one inside of the SD:/Nintendo 3DS/ folder.

    In addition, my GBA saves are also corrupted and I can't seem to restore those too, and re-installing a clean GBA BIOS .cia from NUS didn't let me dump them either.

    Does anyone know what's going on?