Homebrew Boot NTR Doesn't Work

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Jan 14, 2018
United States
So, I dusted off my old 3DS XL to play Yo-Kai Watch Blasters, and I decided to see if it was hackable already. It was, but when I loaded up BootNTR (3.2) It says this:

BootNTR 3.2
tmpBuffer: 1418a000
IsNew3DS: 0
firmVersion: 00000000
param is missing: ntrConfig->PMSvcRunAdd
ERROR: unknown FIRM, access-checks could
not be patched
InterProcessDmaFinishState: 00000004
copyRemoteMemory/controlProcessMemory OK

mapSize: 00282000, size: oo282000
HomeFSReadAddr: 0012c118
HomeFSUHandleAddr: 0032dfa4
HomeCardUpdateInitAddr: 00118d18
HomeAptStartAppleAddr: 0012e9a8
HomeMenuInjectAddr: 00145990
Press X if you want to start ram dumping
waiting for user input...

So, I press X and a bunch of numbers and letters appear that seem to be addresses, and at the end this appears:

dump finished at addr: 00382000
current firmware not supported.
please send feedback to
[email protected].
kversion: 02370000
Boot NTR CFW failed
Press Home button to return to the menu.

My firmware is 11.8.0-41U

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