Blood of Bahamut

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  1. bejiman

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    Jan 5, 2009
    I need help getting fenrir's right forefoot. Is there a specific mission that gives that item as a reward?
    I completed the free mission where you were asked to destroy cores on both foreleg and I got 2 left forefoot
  2. Patuli

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    Jul 26, 2014
    Free Mission: The Silver Wolf Fenrir
    Mission: Night of the Howling Wolf cub
    Ice weapon
    Thunder armor
    Accesory Dragon Crown (If you can) => Increase the drop rate of rare materials
    Panacea Rare Material LV1 or Max => Increase the drop rate of rare materials

    How to do it:
    Stay on B plattform, Hit the right eye to make fenrir turn aside and reveal the left front leg, Hit the Left eye to make fenir turn aside and reveal the Right leg
    if you do it right Feniri will fall and you can continue attacking the weak spot (core).
    Just a warning if you deliver too much damage and destroy the eye, give up the mission and start over, your panacea will be intact and you can try again.
    Good luck!