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    Jan 6, 2009
    my wii is softmod 4.1e,dark corp 1.1,cios 38 rev 20 base 56,neogamma rc9,wii flow, soft chip loader,my wii is patched to play games from all regions using disc channel,nearly every game over last few months load using disc channel,only had to use neogamma a few times ,how ever 4 games from usa are giving me some problems,all 4 games show up in disc channel but when i click start i get black screen,same using neogamma and soft chip,usb the same,games are all usa,games are family feud decades,the amazin race,hollywood squares,and millionaire 3rd edition, i have had feed back that games work but not sure if they have played them using disc or usb and as i pal system not usa,i cant get these games to play no matter what,not sure if i got to force to play, can any body help or advise please