Black screen after updating nintendo Emulators on some Wii's

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by the real SUX2BU, May 24, 2010.

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    So i have a few Wii's that the updated fceugx and Snes9xGX emulators don't work after the update. The exact same SD card will work great in my Wii but not the newer Wii's. I have an older SD card that works in all my Wii's. The emulators on that card are FCE Ultra GX 3.1.3 and the Snes9X GX 4.1.5.
    Its really weird. Anyone have any clues? I have used the EXACT same SD card to mod all these Wii's.
  2. Bladeforce

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    ihad this problem a few revisions ago and sorted it by going back a revision and then it worked. I personally havent updated these GX emulators since they deicded to break/"upgrade" the savestates in one of the revisions
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    For the most part it's only the savestates, rather than the actual savegames, that no longer work, I think I only lost the NP Picross save games when I updated - not exactly gonna top myself with that lol....

    Main question: well it could be a few things really!
    Are you using any forwarders? I had to dl a different forwarder to get a recent 9xgx working for example......
    Do the recent emus not work on ANY of the Wii's? I'm not sure it's an SD card problem.....
    Do your Wii's have a different firmware?
    What about the IOS202 installer? If you've not installed this on some Wii's that could be your problem (especially if you're using a forwarder too)