Hacking Black CycloDS for £35 approx (w/ shipping)


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Jul 17, 2007
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Stores like Mod-Chip comes to around £40 with shipping. However if you buy from a US store it's usually always cheaper and currency will be automatically converted if using paypal. So I found gamersection.ca (a Canadian store). They have black CycloDS's in stock.

Canadian dollars:

CycloDS Black $54.95
Worldwide shipping $8.25
Shipping surcharge $5.45
Total $68.65
Discount code "PASSONLY" -$3.35

Complete total = $65.30

Converted to Sterling Pounds:

CycloDS Black £27.99
Worldwide shipping £4.20
Shipping surcharge £2.80
Total £35.00 (approx)
Discount code "PASSONLY" -£1.70

Complete total = £34.11
(Not bad but it takes 7-10 days)

That's the cheapest I can get it I guess... save a few £££s

EDIT: using the discount code, bring the total down to £34.11! I just updated the total etc.
EDIT2: you're not really saving that much anyway

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