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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Aliahan, Nov 1, 2010.

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    When I got my Acekard 2i back in April, the first thing I did was make a custom skin with AK Edit. I've been using it ever since then with AKAIO 1.6RC2.

    Last night I was playing FF:4HoL (patched), working just fine, saved and powered down for the night. This morning, I load up my AK2i and it crashes with just the bottom screen showing and nothing on it; no folders, files, etc, can't do anything, totally frozen.

    So I format my SD card, put on 1.8.1, load it up, seems to work fine. I start putting things back on there, and set my theme back to the custom skin I made. Crashes, but this time I can see both the top and bottom screens of my custom skin, it just refuses to open the Micro SD and let me at the games, then freezes completely. At this point I still don't realize the skin is the problem.

    I figured maybe a quick format wasn't enough. So I do a full format, and this time put 1.6 back on there since that was what worked fine for 6 months. I test it out with just FF:4HoL on there and nothing else, and it works fine. As soon as I add my custom skin and set it to that, the same crash as before: bottom screen only, everything frozen. So now I make the connection. I overwrite my custom skin with the default AKAIO skin, and everything magically starts working again.

    WTF happened? I would blame it on some fluke file corruption, but each time I formatted the SD card I replaced the custom skin with the backup from 6 months ago when I first made it, not backed up from after this morning's crashes. So the skin didn't inexplicably grow a corrupt file overnight, the original backup doesn't work either. Why is a custom skin that worked fine for 6 months now crashing the same card with the same AKAIO software when no changes were made? The same exact set-up went from 100% working to 100% crashing literally overnight without any changes made to anything, and the only thing I can point to is the skin.
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