Biohazard HD Remaster (PS3) .ARC (Translate)

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    Nov 28, 2014
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    Hello guys, I'm trying to understand the Biohazard files, the conteiner have the .arc extension, and there a possibly .zlib compression. I used Offzip to extract, and extracted two files: EventMes_e106_eng.dmg and RoomMes_r106_eng.dmg, two text files, so far so good.
    So, I used the compression .zlib in autoit (zlib.dll), but the structure became different, freezing in-game test...
    Testing without compression, freezing too...
    (freezing only happens in the part of the edited file, firsts dialogues.)

    Here is some information about the file we got:
    Our objective (my group) is to extract the .dmg to translate the dialogues, and then reinsert them in .arc.
    If anyone knows how works these .arc files, please help us.


    PS: In each .arc file, has some bytes who point to the end of the file that appears to be md5: